Excel Spreadsheet ~ Forecasting Dealership Expenses Auto Dealership Financial Management
Spreadsheets that Define Cash Flow, Analyze Operating Cash Flow, Calculate Performance Ratios and Manage Dealership Liquidity

Cash Flow Management Software
Dealership Cash Flow, Liquidity, Safety and Performance Ratios

Make Sound Business Decisions based on Positive Cash Flow

This unique Excel workbook provides extensive reporting capabilities for the Automotive Financial Analyst, Business Consultant, Finance Officer and Dealer Principle that realize the importance of supplementing both the Income Statement and Balance Sheet with in-depth Operating Cash Flow and Auto Dealership Performance Ratio Reports.

It's designed to be user-friendly and educational, for those wanting to improve cash flow by acquiring a superior understanding of the methods used to manage and analyze cash flow within a car dealership.

Managing Cash requires an Analyzed Balance Sheet

Financial Spreadsheets in this Microsoft® Excel workbook include

Benchmarking Auto Dealer Financial Reports
* Dealership Cash Flow Summary Report
* Balance Sheet Trend Analysis Reports
* Common Sized to Asset Analysis with Variance Tester
* Detailed Graphing with Ratio Analysis Summary Spreadsheets

Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard Graphs and Charts
* Net Cash from Dealership Operations
* Operating, Investing and Financing Cash Flow
* Net Working Capital and Operating Inventory
* Sustainable Growth and Net Sales Comparisons
* Liquidity, Safety, Profitability, and Operating Performance Ratios
* New and Used Vehicle Inventory compared to Notes Payable
* Net Automotive Sales and Inventory Working Capital
* Sales to Operating Dealership Inventories
* Liabilities and Dealer Equity as a Percentage of Assets

Liquidity, Safety, Profitability and Performance Ratios
* Liquidity - Current and Quick Ratios
* Safety - Debt to Equity Ratio Analysis
* Profitability - Gross Profit and Pretax Profit Percentage Ratios
* Performance - Sales to Assets, Percentage Return on Assets and Equity
* Performance - Inventory Turnover and Inventory Turn Days

Fact ! Auto Dealership Balance Sheets and Income Statements provide only a partial overview of its total financial condition and cash flow could be the factor that determines long-term success, liquidity and safety even with positive Sales, Gross Profits and Net Profits. Negative Cash Flow over an extended period time can close many apparently successful businesses.

These Cash Flow Management and Business Planning worksheets are designed solely to provide a general guidance and is not intended to provide finalized financial data, tax or legal advice. You should always consult with your professional business advisor and accountants regarding specific dealership financial requirements or concerns.
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Revision Date: April 03, 2015

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Sample Cash Flow Reports
Main Menu - Program Instructions
Balance Sheet - Data Entry Screen
Excel Workbook Default Settings
Operating, Investing, Financing Cash
Common-Size Analysis and Variance
Performance, Ratios, Relationships
Statement of Cash Flow Report
Cash Flow Ratio Excel Dashboard
Balance Sheet Variance Report
Horizontal Balance Sheet Report
Excel Workbook Demo on YouTube
Cash Flow Analysis

Balance Sheet Horizontal Analysis
Vertical, Common-Size Analysis
Forecasting, Benchmarks, Performance

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The first step to Maximizing Cash Flow
Workbook developed using Microsoft® Excel 2002, is compatible with newer versions. Initially will run in compatibility view until saved as an .xlsm file. From there on, will fully function with newer versions of Microsoft® Excel
Excel Workbook Fundamentals and Highlights

* Requires No Excel® programming skills, simple instructions

* Color-Coded, Macro-Driven, User-friendly with Data Validation

* Quickly Completes an Analysis, with Only 35 Entries per time period

* Fully protected with Preloaded Formulas, Integrity and Accuracy at all times

* User-Friendly, No Worksheet Tabs, easily navigate by clicking forms buttons

* Monitors 12 fiscal periods, with minimal amount of data entry requirements

* Works with any Balance Sheet and Income Statement, use for any business

* Ready to Use on Demand, with Educational Help Screens, saves countless hours
Start-up Procedures, 8 Simple Steps to Start Managing Cash Flow

1. Download the Free 3 Day Trial and a save a copy to desktop
It's recommended that you open the Excel workbook from your desktop, since Excel may not function properly while still in the temporary internet folders used during transmission
2. Open the Excel workbook and Enable Macros since this is a Macro Driven workbook
3. Click the Access Program forms button on the Log-in screen to view Main Menu. No User Password is required
4. On the Main Menu click the "Defaults - Workbook Parameters" Forms Button and on the Default worksheet select the Franchise Financial Statement type. It's recommend you start with the "Non-Specific Franchise"
5. Next on the Default worksheet use the Drop-down Menu to select your desired Analysis Time Frame
Commonly, January – December 2014 for prior year or January – December 2015 for current year
6. Enter the Auto Dealership Name on the Default worksheet. (Option not available on 3 Day Trials)
7. Click the Main Menu forms button at the top of the worksheet and return the workbooks home page
8. Click the "Input and Edit – Balance Sheet Data" forms button on the Main Menu which directs you to the Balance Sheet input screen used to enter Monthly Balance Sheet values and the Comparison Base period values

Notice a Dropdown List labeled, Statement Analysis Period
At the VERY BOTTOM of the list SELECT Comparison Base. Worksheet cell will turn YELLOW and allow entries

Comparison Base: December 2013 for 2014 and December 2014 for 2015 monthly Balance Sheet Entries
Excel Workbook Usage that Commonly Confuses Individuals

Only "Yellow" or "Red" cells allow an entry.

Worksheet Tabs are not used. Use Forms Buttons to navigate throughout the workbook

It will appear at first after entering the Comparison Base Financial Analysis Data that nothing is stored. It is; individuals just tend to forget that when analyzing Cash flow it is the change between two periods of time that is being reviewed. Once, the first month of data is entered (e.g. January 2014, not the Comparison Base) the workbook will begin displaying report data.

Do not skip months (Time Periods); enter data in sequential order, Comparison Base, Jan, Feb, March, Etc. Otherwise if you skip a month when the comparisons are calculated, it will use a zero value for the prior month's balances for each balance sheet account.

General Information

Development and updates to this Excel workbook required in excess of 1750 hours of spreadsheet design, formatting, Visual Basic programming and software testing to make it the best available Auto Dealership Cash Flow Management Excel workbook on the market within its price range

Lifetime usage, One-time End User License allows an individual user to install multiple copies on one non-networked computer as many times as needed at no additional charge. Additional End User License Agreements are available at a discounted rate after the purchase of the first license for individuals, organizations or Twenty Groups wanting to install this Excel workbook on multiple machines at multiple locations.

IntactAuto® Holdings, LLC does offer trial and purchase workbook start-up services at a cost of $ 50.00 per hour
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