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The Web page you are viewing is designed for companies that are expressing an interest or decided to take advantage of IntactAuto® Holdings unique Microsoft® Excel programming services.

Many of the Excel Solution Website links on this page allow you to immediately download a free Excel workbook to your desk top for usage or trial. If you find a specific workbook requires an assigned user name and password to access a customized business solution listed below, simply complete the Newsletter - Download Access Code questionnaire. A user name and password will then be displayed or e-mailed to you.

Dealership Financial Statement - Cash Flow Management

Strategic Financial Planning - Back to the Basics
Auto Dealership Financial Statement Analysis, Cash Flow Management and Ratios
The next step to analyzing a Balance Sheet and Income Statement
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Forecasting Dealership Vehicle Sales - Set Goals and Create a Plan

New and Used Vehicle Sales Forecasting Software
Project Net Sales, Gross Profit, Dealership Expenses and Net Profit
This Simple Excel workbook identifies the financial realities of a Sales Marketing Plan
Click Here to learn about a Trial Copy - Prg Code: VS-VSF13

Excel Solutions that are accessible on this Web page

1). Free Excel downloads which require permission before downloading
2). Purchased Customized Solutions which have updates that are available
3). Excel workbooks which are for sale and may offer downloadable demos

New to this page and requesting a download? As an added service provided to the users of these Customized Spreadsheets it is necessary that each user signs-up for the periodical newsletter which notifies users of needed corrections or updates. The foundation of the newsletter is to be able to contact all active workbook users if necessary and inform them of updates and/or changes made to previously downloaded Excel workbooks.

To all that have purchased our Excel programs or services, IntactAuto Holdings LLC would like to say thank you. To all that have expressed an interest, keep in mind all currently available solutions can be customized to fit specific business needs and new products are always in the making.
Excel Workbooks - Fully-Functional Trials
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Cash Flow Management for Auto Dealers - 3 Day Free Trial
30 Day Trial Extension Purchase Price Only $69 - Prg Code: CFM15
Automotive Service Technician Labor Time
Fixed Operations - Service & Parts Sales Forecasting
Customized Sales Commission Pay Plans
for the Automotive Dealership with a Goal and a Vision
Free Auto Dealership Excel Spreadsheets
Unprotected Worksheets Available at a Nominal Purchase Price
New and Used Vehicle Sales - Program Codes:VS
Automotive Service and Parts - Program Codes:FO
Financial Statement Analysis & Forecasting - Codes:FA
Marketing Campaigns and Internet Sales - Codes:MS
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IntactAuto's Business Model and Programming Services

IntactAuto Holdings, LLC business model includes the goal of developing as many automotive industry related resalable non-franchise specific Microsoft® Excel workbooks as possible at minimal cost to the purchasing party. Thus, in turn creating a shared development expense co-op for both franchised dealerships and independent auto dealers in need of customized software not readily made available by on their current Automotive Data Management System.

When a request is made for a customized Excel business solution the initial quotes by IntactAuto Holdings, LLC are to be significantly influenced by its resale potential. If the requested Excel business solution is considered to have a high resale potential to similar type businesses, the requesting company is to benefit by being offered a substantially discounted guaranteed price quote for their assistance, patience and influence in the software development process. Thus, distributing the true total development cost over a network of similar type businesses.

In turn, if a business thinks an idea or request may be too costly or the return on investment may not be justifiable, the distribution of cost will likely correct that. If a specific request cannot be generalized and development cost cannot be distributed IntactAuto Holdings, LLC is to maintain a below market hourly rate of $ 35.00 per hour which is likely to be below the businesses in-house hourly labor cost.
Getting Started, Need Help ... Request a personalized demonstration ....

You may at anytime request a private online, shared screen demonstration of any Excel workbook, helping to reduce, if not eliminating the customary time required to learn how to utilize another’s Excel workbook and spreadsheets.

Software demos allow you to view the inner workings of an Excel Workbook from the developer’s perspective and depending on questions take approximately 10 minutes. Online screen demo services are provided by Adobe® ConnectNow, requiring no software download on your behalf. See it in action; ask questions and see how and if a specific Excel analysis workbook fits your business needs.

Wondering how to purchase an Excel Workbook ... Simple; Call or Email, letting us know that you’re interested. We generate a PayPal® invoice and sent it to you. Upon payment you’re emailed a Password, User Name and Web address that will allow you to download your desired workbook. Branded versions will require logo submission and may require additional setup time.

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Financial Management and Business Planning workbooks are designed solely to provide a general guidance and are not intended to provide finalized financial data, tax or legal advice. You should always consult with your professional business advisor or accountant regarding specific financial requirements or concerns.

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